I think she needs it

Belle, All I want is the taste that your lips allow

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That one time Tom Daley worked as a male escort…

That “one time”? please we all know his boyfriend pays him an allowance


Anonymous: maybe they'll settle their differences by then. just give me the 3 that actually still likes each other & i'll be good. thats a month ago, that stinks. :( i'll take you, i have no money but i'll take you..

I think it will be alright, they managed to be good boys on the wom tour! :) I have no money too :( thank you aw ! maybe we will tweet them and they will get us tickets, and plan tickts haha! xx

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Until Death Do Us Part - chapter 2, Screwed Up 

Max furrowed his brow in confusion as his eyes focused on Jay’s dark eyes. He noticed the vicious twinkle in his eyes. He understood Jay had a plain building in his mind, whatever it was, he rather not to have a hand in it.

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Anonymous: thats gonna be awkward as hell. well at least we'll get pics of them together even if the smiles will be forced. when is it??

It is, hahaha! I think 29-31 August, but I think they’re gonna be on the 30th? xx (if someone volunteer to take me as a birthday gift it would be so sweet haha) 

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Anonymous: they're performing as a group at fusion fest??

they do! xx

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I have an idea for Nathan au meme but ugh

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You have one of prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen :)

Anonymous: where's the gonna have sex thing from?

Oh found it quick haha :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEXqNXtpMTY xx

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